Paint Jam! Brushes

As promised I have posted the Corel Paint Jam brushes as promised. I have also included a short video to get you started with some of my favorite variants! Have fun! Please note that this Brush Category is for Painter X3 only. These brushes will not work in Painter 12. You will find the brushes located in the “Box” widget on the right column of the blog. The title of the brushes is “Paint Jam”. For a quick review of how to work with some of my favs, please watch the video posted below.

Here is my final image from the Paint Jam session. If you click on the image you can view it in a larger size.

Paint Jam-Image

13 responses to “Paint Jam! Brushes

  1. You, Skip, and your student’s Art Paintings make the reason for using Painter and hoping for the samenear results. Thank you for showing and sharing. Did you post new brushes this morning, and did I miss this? I am taking new medicine for tremors and it is helping somewhat, so I am trying new strokes, new brushes(of yours, skip’s and…) Hopefully.

  2. Karen, your painting is a real work of art, If I can ever get even half this good, I’ll be a very happy camper! Yes, I know, I shouldn’t compare my work to others :-)

  3. Hello Karen and Skip, Thank you both for such amazing brushes, wonderful tutorials and fabulous inspiration. I have been using Painter X3 very tentatively for a few weeks, but Skip’s YouTube videos have given me some hope! I am following both Karen and Skip, plus Skip is my first Friend on my Facebook page named Peace Valley Arts (Thanks, Skip!!) Best wishes to both of you, and many thanks, Pamela Richardson

  4. Your presentation was just outstanding and of course the painting is incredible. I appreciated the precise way you explained each step and layer. I was thrilled with the painting before you put on the last overlays, and thought you were ready to call it a wrap then.

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