Painter 12.1 The Best Painter Ever

Corel Painter 12. 1 is now available for download.

Corel Painter 12.1 Update

Drag and Drop Variants into Brush Categories


Now you can simply drag and drop your variants or custom variants into the brush category of your choice or create a new one! One word of caution, dragging and dropping a brush means just that, it does move the variant you choose into the new or existing  brush category and removes it from the default one.  If you want to leave a copy of the brush you are moving behind , then simply hold down the Alt key or Option key in Mac.

Save Custom Variants into Any Brush Category


Painter 12 makes it easier than ever to save Custom Variants into any custom or default brush category. From the main menu or from the Brushes fly out option choose “Save Variant”. Save the variant with a new name and either assign a Brush Category or click on the ” +, plus ” symbol and give your new category a name. Finally, select OK and your variant is now saved in a new custom category.

Add New Brush Categories


Painter 12-1 makes it easy to either add a New Brush Category or Remove a Brush Category. This can be done by clicking either on the Brushes menu tab or from the Brushes palette and opening the fly-out located in the upper right corner of the Brushes Library palette. If you are planning on creating some Custom brushes, it is a good idea to create a New Brush Category to store your brushes in. Watch the video for more on this subject. You can create a brush library by either exporting an existing library. This creates a copy of the contents in the library, then, you can import the copied library to create a new library. Now you have complete control over your work flow by creating new libraries for painting projects or for sharing brushes with your friends. And, if you no longer need the library you can simply delete it or remove it from within Painter. Painter will not allow you to remove the default Painter brush library or the Painter 11 brush library.

In Painter 12. 1 you can also change the brush category icon by right-clicking a category in the Brush Library panel and choosing Set Custom Icon, and choosing the image that you want to display as the category icon.

Export a Brush, Category or Brush Library/Remove a Variant or Brush Category


With Painter 12-1 you can now import/Export a Brush, Category or a Complete Brush Library. Think how easy this will make it for you to share your Custom Brushes with friends!

Importing and Exporting Brush Libraries, Categories, and Variants

You can import and export brush libraries, categories, and variants. This allows you to work with brush resources that were created by others, or share them with others. Note that you can share exported brush resources only with those who installed Corel Painter 12.1 Update. Do make sure you update soon to take advantage of the wonderful new resource in Painter 12. 1 .The brush source files of Corel Painter 12.1 Update are not supported in older versions of Corel Painter, including Corel Painter 12 and Service Pack 1.

To import a brush variant

  1. From the main menu bar, click Brushes > Import Brush.
  2. In the Import Brush Variant dialog box, browse to the folder where the brush variant is stored.
  3. Choose the brush variant file, and click Open
  4. In the Save Variant dialog box, choose the brush category where you want to store the variant from the Brush Category list box.

To rename the brush variant, type a name in the Save Variant As text box.

Click Save.

Enhanced Brush Stroke Preview


Now you can preview your brush stroke with selected color and brush attributes such as color, paper texture, nozzle type, pattern and clone source.

Workspace Management

Now you can delete work spaces. Removing the current workspace will prompt you to select another workspace to proceed. When a workspace is deleted, it deletes it permanently. Remember to always back up your brushes, papers and other custom options should you want to restore them at some point.

Enhanced Color Mixer Pad


This is a terrific new function especially if you enjoy mixing your own paint colors on the Mixer palette. Now in Painter 12 you can save the Mixer pad from the library menu in either .MXS ( Corel Painter Mixer Palette File) or PNG format. To pick colors use the Alt key (PC) or Option key ( Mac).

The most exciting addition is the ability to open an image to use in the Mixer palette to mix of pick color from. Mixer pad images can be loaded using RIFF, PSD, JPG, PNG or TIFF file formats.

New Improved Drag and Drop Support Panels

Organizing your workspace is important for the digital artist. Painter 12 makes it easy for you to drag and drop existing panels and organizing them in a way that makes sense to you. Nest and organize layers, Channels,

New Panel Resizing and Panel Presentation Options


Panels can now be moved and re sized without affecting other nested panels. Panels that display 3 dots at the bottom of the panel are capable of being re sized without affecting the other panels attached to it.

Photoshop Plug-In Support


You can now take advantage of 3rd Party Photoshop Plug-Ins for Mac (32bit) and 32 or 64 bit for Windows OS. Those who enjoy Topaz Plug ins will now be able to utilize them in Painter 12-1 once again.

How to Load Plug-ins in Painter 12-1 (and other versions)

1. Go to Corel\Painter 12\Support Files.

2. Create a new folder in Support Files and name it “Plug ins”.

3. Copy and paste your 8bf files into that folder. In the case of most of the paid plug-ins such as Topaz, you will have to actually install them, but you need to make that folder first.

After the plug-ins are loaded, launch Painter 12 and open an image for testing. Go to Effects>Other. Current Plug-Ins will be listed under the “Other” category.

Other Enhancements:

  • Scale Feature to Brush Size calculations are now correct.
  • Settings in the Clone Source Panel are maintained between PC and Mac.
  • Crosshairs are now displayed when performing offset cloning.

10 responses to “Painter 12.1 The Best Painter Ever

    • Hi Ruth,
      Any of the images that have an arrow icon are videos. If you click on the arrow the video will begin. Hope this helps,

  1. Hi Karen
    Thanks a lot for your inspiring blog! I recently got my Painter 12 educational version and it looks like I can’t load any png. to my Mixer Pad. Do you know if it is only available for full version?
    I downloaded the last update already. thx Catherine

    • Hi Catherine,
      When you open Painter 12.1 for the first time make sure that you hold down the SHIFT key and when the dialog appears choose Restore All Workspaces. This should correct the issue. All versions of Painter with the update to 12.1 should be able to load a PNG image to the Mixer Pad. Use the Open Mixer Pad option from the fly-out located on the nested panel which includes, Mixer, Color and Color set libraries palettes.


  2. Karen, I found your videos very useful.
    A video on how to load Topaz plug-ins in Painter 12.1 would be very appreciated.
    Is there a way to download your custom watercolor brushes?

    • Thank you Pierre,
      Yes, I will work on a plug-in video. Check the blog post last subject is on Plugins and how to load, really very easy.

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